We believe that AI systems should improve the lives of the users and societies they serve. AI systems should not maintain the status quo by simply codifying the past, nor should these systems be regressive by not allowing users to challenge decisions for critical life-impacting situations.

This is why we’ve been working on developing Ethical AI standards for machine learning operations (MLOPS) within Emergent Line products and services. We’ve also been active in developing the Global AI Bill of Rights (BILLOFRIGHTS.AI), which focuses on developing the fundamental rights all users should have in a world governed by artificial intelligence.

To learn more about the work we are doing on ethical AI or to join the Global AI Bill of Rights, please join directly on the site or contact us about your project.




If you are working on AGI or would like to share your research with us, please shoot us an email.
We believe Artificial General Intelligence is more of a certainty than a possibility in our lifetime. This is why we focus on working with the latest and most cutting-edge AI products and developing unique solutions that will help Emergnet Line, our clients, and society to benefit from the rapid changes in the tech and AI landscapes.

If you are unfamiliar with Artificial General Intelligence, continue reading, and let us give you a quick overview of where we’ve been, where we’re headed (in our opinion), and what you can expect.
(ANI) - these are systems that we are all very familiar with and are exceptionally good at doing ONE thing but nothing else. Think about a self-driving car. It can’t do anything other than drive; it cannot write you a story or hold a conversation with you. Another example of an ANI system is Alexa or Siri, which you use to do simple tasks, but they cannot do anything else.
(AGI) - these are systems that can do everything that you can do; only these systems can do these tasks much faster, more accurately, and efficiently than any person could without the need to sleep, take a break, or a vacation. These AGI systems are the next evolution of AI that are not far off in the future. Rather they are already knocking on our respective doors.

These systems will mark a clear shift in how we work, earn, compete, and thrive as individuals, companies, and nations in the coming years. We believe that it is essential for every company, individual, and nation to have an AGI strategy, as it is most likely several years away and not several decades.

Quantum AI:
One of the areas we are most interested in and excited about is the combination of quantum computing and artificial intelligence systems. We believe that once combined, the computational power of quantum systems will lay the foundation for Artificial General Intelligence systems and other advancements in drug discovery, chemistry, climate, biotech, engineering, and more.

We spend a significant portion of our time working with our partners in the quantum computing field to test new ideas, develop new projects, and support the advancement of quantum artificial intelligence.

If you are a student, researcher, startup, or company working in Quantum AI, we’d love to speak with you.
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